WOL Creative Studio is an young design studio from Saint Petersburg, founded in 2016. Our team consists of experienced professionals, guided by the idea to bring a fresh perspective to the industry.

Our studio produces a full-cycle production and covers areas such as graphic design, motion graphics and visual effects. We offer services such as: creative concept creation, computer graphics production and promotion of products on the market.

Despite the heavy workload we continuously follow trends and always find time to experiment. We strive to not only keep in touch with the people in our field, but also share experiences with our fellow experts in the industry


Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.


Our studio offers the creation of effective solutions for the media industry. From writing the script and creating ideas, to their implementation.

While working with clients, we focus on communication, analyzing its products and values. This interaction allows us to create content that meets their needs.

Animation is just a technique. And you can say of any kind of story with it.


Our studio produces animated content for different purposes. We are also engaged in the production of computer graphics and visual effects for films and television.

2D-Animation — flat, puppet & parallax techniques
3D Animation — modeling, shading, rendering
Post-production — compositing, rotoscoping, VFX, cleanup

But… There is one more thing!


We offer creation of unique presentations. Using design tools, we create a fascinating story about the product.

We work hard to get to know the customer and to present him information so that it is easy to understand and remember.