CGI Visualization for AQUAPHOR

Client: AQUAPHOR / Agency: TAYGA / Design Studio: WOLUME

Brief  —

The main goal was to present the company to European and Asian consumers as high-tech brand with the best solutions for purifying tap water to drinking water quality. Patented Aquaphor’s water filtration and mineralization technologies were demonstrated here. This technologies are unique advantage of the brand.


Extra takes  —

Before starting the production of the demo video, we were given the task of creating a Key Visual for the AQUALEN material, unique in its properties, patented by the Aquaphor company. We have produced a large number of shots, discussing them with various specialists of the company to correctly convey the technology through illustration. In addition to searching the ways to visualize chemicals, we have been creating illustrations of certain harmful substances. Finding a way to visualize their interaction with filtration technology took us many sleepless nights.


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Research & Development  —

During production, we took inspiration from the endless structures of the macro world and tried to convey their properties through computer graphics. Also at pre-production we got acquainted with the artistic vision of Danila Rusanov and tried to continue his work. Some of the RnD will remain on our computers, but we’ll show you something.


CEO Aquaphor: Joseph Shmidt
Marketing Director: Ludmila Zueva

Producer: Alexey Zipalov
Technical Director: Viktor Aleksandrovsky
CGI Supervisor: Andrey Obukhov
CGI Artists: Viktor Aleksandrovsky, Andrey Obukhov, Viktor Kopeykin,
Natalya Kalachevskaya, Azamat Kaziev
Promo Editor: Viktor Kopeykin

Used in:
Filters AQUAPHOR / Promo
Filtration technologies AQUAPHOR / Removal of heavy metals
Filtration technologies AQUAPHOR / How water becomes drinkable?