VFX for commercial BANKI.RU
Agency: TAYGA, CGI Studio: WOLUME

Our team's main task on this project was to create a CGI environment and combine it with the live footage. Interestingly   capturing real reflections using mirrored surfaces. We carried out the entire project, from drafts to post-production

A small excerpt of the process…


Director: Kashapova Evgeniia
Producer: Aleksey Zipalov

Director of Photography: Polishchuk Aleksandr
Concepts: Danil Rusanov

Full Team

CGI Supervisor: Damir ValshinPFTrack Boss: Andrey Obukhov
Compositing & Management & Technical Sups: Viktor Aleksandrovsky

​​​​Houdini RnD: Artem Patyn / Motion Designer: Artem ClydeYaroslav Mejinsky

Used In:
Financial Supermarket BANKI.RU / Commercial
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